About us

Jumping is pure joy!

Children love it! Coaches help to harness this natural potential so that each training is a solid portion of general development exercises. Children do what they like and develop under the supervision of the coach at the same time. This is important, not only in terms of proper development, but also safety.

Trainings strengthen muscles, develop balance, dynamics and body symmetry. They teach self-discipline, awareness of one’s own body and its capabilities, quick reactions and orientations in space. They develop concentration and courage.

The secret of our club’s successes is that everyone puts the whole heart into it, both coaches and competitors.

♥ The most important thing is that children enjoy sport, otherwise it’s good for nothing.

♥ They play by doing exercises, make friends, enjoy jumping… and jump with joy when they happen to bring medals as well!

♥ A good coach is one with a calling, and with a lot of experience and a good history of successes. See for yourself how the training looks like!

♥ The club’s entire management works pro bono, putting all their hearts into it. Sport and the development of children under a watchful eye is our passion. Feel like joining us and supporting the club? You are most welcome!